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  1. Water-Earth-Sky
    Precious gem melange, 14k gold, set $1500.00 style #N101
  2. Kyanite Wave
    Kyanite Wave
    Kyanite, diopside in sterling $125.00 #N102
  3. Earth & Ice
    Earth & Ice
    Natural dendrite in sterling on metal mesh collar, $130.00 #N103
  4. Ashes to Bliss
    Ashes to Bliss
    Roman glass, fluorite, copper accents $145.00 style #N105
  5. Heaven Protects
    Heaven Protects
    Celestial elephant drop with gems & charms, $75.00, style #N106
  6. Fire & Water
    Fire & Water
    Boulder opal, bronzeite, turquoise, SS/copper $155.00, style #N104
  7. Achieve Altitude
    Achieve Altitude
    Tibetan beads,bronze FWP, mixed metals, 18-21" $85.00 #N107
  8. Lotus Elemental
    Lotus Elemental
    Mixed metals, Radiance Labradorite accent, $55.00 # N108
  1. Water & Earth
    Water & Earth
    River stones, picture jasper, sterling $95.00 #N109
  2. Earth Energies
    Earth Energies
    Turqoise, bronzeite, $140.00 #N110
  3. Galaxies Within
    Galaxies Within
    Pietresite, kyanite, grey druzy, Sterling slide, $225.00 #N111
  4. Dragonfly Kiss
    Dragonfly Kiss
    Sterling dragonfly, onyx accents, 15-18", $85.00 #N112
  5. Agate Elemental
    Agate Elemental
    Carved leaf, freeform agates,16-20", $85.00 set #N117
  6. Flow Stone
    Flow Stone
    Natural pattern matte riverstone, cotton cording $35.00 #N115
  7. Fall Cascade
    Fall Cascade
    Carved gem leaves, whisky qz, citrine, mix metals $65.00 #N116
  8. Earth Gypsy
    Earth Gypsy
    Opalized ammonite,river stones, cloth chain adjusts $75.00, #N118
  9. Lotus Radiance
    Lotus Radiance
    Vermeil, cloissonne, bronze cloth link chain adjusts, $85.00 #N120
  10. Gentle Fire
    Gentle Fire
    Amber, garnet, citrine, peridot, amethyst, $250.00 set #126
  11. Protection
    Tourmalinated Quartz freeforms, #N113 $65.00, #N114 $85.00
  12. Waterfall
    Long sterling link cascade, mixed gem $395.00 #N125
  13. Sparkling Love
    Sparkling Love
    Tourmalinated Qz, natural druzy drop 18-21" $125.00 #N119
  14. Siren Call
    Siren Call
    Conch shell, sterling silver $275.00 # N121
  15. Oceanic Flow
    Oceanic Flow
    Peridot, blue apatite, sterling $295.00 #N123
  16. Inner Strength
    Inner Strength
    Orange/black agate, rubber beads, mix metals $95.00 #N129
  17. Earth Radiance
    Earth Radiance
    Astrophyllite removable on bronzeite, $225.00 #N127
  18. Zen Radiance
    Zen Radiance
    Multicolor tourmalines, jade accents $145.00 #N124
  19. Inner Dance
    Inner Dance
    Faceted onyx, sterling drop, length adjusts $95.00 #N128
  20. Earth & Ocean
    Earth & Ocean
    Abalone inlay in wood, FWPearls $125.00 #N122