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  1. Crystal Energies
    Crystal Energies
    Tourmaline in Herkimer quartz sterling clasp $85.00 #B202
  2. Walk In Balance
    Walk In Balance
    Turkish sterling, 14ky Vermeil, $95.00.00 #B200
  3. Nature's Path
    Nature's Path
    River stones, matte finish, non-tarnish leaf clasp $45.00 #B201
  4. Shimmer
    Cascading gold plate leaves, $55.00 style #B204
  5. Tibetan Tribe
    Tibetan Tribe
    Silverplate leaves,spiney oyster shell, $75.00, style #B203
  6. Nature's Pattern
    Nature's Pattern
    Goldplate leaves, Tibetan drop $65.00, style #B207
  7. See the Pattern
    See the Pattern
    Matte river stones, sterling $75.00 #B205
  8. Protection
    Tourmalinated Qz, sterling $75.00 # B206
  1. Mountain Fire
    Mountain Fire
    Coral/onyx, onyx, Bali sterling $55.00 #B225
  2. Mountain to Sea
    Mountain to Sea
    Tibetan coral, sterling $75.00 #B224
  3. Healing Heart
    Healing Heart
    Deep pink quartz hearts, sterling, $65.00 #B223
  4. Tempermental
    Watermelon and smokey quartz, Bali sterling $75.00 #B226
  5. Blended Bliss
    Blended Bliss
    Amber, Amethyst, Citrine & more, Sterling $85.00 #B213
  6. Earth & Sea
    Earth & Sea
    Baroque FW pearls,faceted onyx, Bali sterling $95.00 #B210
  7. Inspired
    Carved quartz, turquoise accent, SS. $50.00 #B220
  8. Green Peace
    Green Peace
    Freshwater Keshi pearls, sterling clasp $95.00 #B215
  9. Ocean Dancer
    Ocean Dancer
    Peridot, blue topaz, sterling $245.00 #B211
  10. Radiant Riches
    Radiant Riches
    Carnelian on goldplate mesh, $300.00 #B219
  11. Winged Wisdom
    Winged Wisdom
    Tourmalinated Qz, Owl totem, sterling clasp $65.00, #B208
  12. Gentle Strength
    Gentle Strength
    Matte onyx, sterling & vermeil $75.00 #B209
  13. Tiny Treasures
    Tiny Treasures
    Cloth chain, SS charms $75.00 #B221
  14. Good Fortune
    Good Fortune
    Cloth chain, Sterling & Vermeil $75.00 #B222
  15. Wellspring of Joy
    Wellspring of Joy
    Peruvian Opal, peridot $75.00 #B214
  16. Rebirth
    Amethyst, sterling clasp $65.00 #B212
  17. Ocean Dreamer
    Ocean Dreamer
    Fluorite, Bali sterling bracelet $ 85.00 #B216
  18. Amplify Energy
    Amplify Energy
    Rutilated Qz cubes, vermeil & sterling $150.00 #B217
  19. Power Play
    Power Play
    Carnelian, 14KY Vermeil $65.00 #B218