Elemental Energies and Radiance Gems
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  1. Radiance Gems
    Radiance Gems
    Wear Uplifting Energy
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    Radiance Gems
    Expand and Raise your Vibration
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    Radiance Gems
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    Radiance Gems
    Manifest New Patterns
Abide In Radiance Designs
Radiance Gem Designs blend elemental energies of gemstones, organic materials and metals chosen for their natural abilities to uplift, awaken, amplify and heal .  
Experience the difference in design born from pure inspiration...each gem is imbued with the Intention that the wearer experience harmony,  joy and contentment arising from within...These designs are a vehicle for the resonant energies of peace, joy and harmony.  The energetic gifts they carry bless all who come in contact with them.

Reiki energy attunement and immersion in quartz crystal bowl sound vibration amplify  the  power inherent  in  the  'Heart'  of Radiance Gems. These designs entrain the body, mind and spirit with energies that support your natural ability to transform from the inside-out.

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